Celebration of the titular saint of the Wooden Church of Bârsana – Maramureș

Every year, on November 21st takes place the celebration of the titular saint of the Wooden Church from Bârsana, the church known also as the walking church.

The titular saint of the church is “The entrance of Virgin Mary into the Church” and that day everyone is attending the religious ceremony. About this celebration it is said that it should be strictly respected.

The church was originally built in 1720 in a location called “Bridges of the Monastery” and in 1806 was moved to its` current location, on Jbaraului hill. The construction is known for its’ murals interiors, which adorn the church. Some of the paintings represent several angels that have countless eyes over their whole body, these images are considered to suggest close and constant supervision of angels over people.

According to the legend, the cemetery near the church was originally a cemetery for people suffering from plague. Local residents say they have been buried in haste, without having any part of a religious service, which would mean that the deceased are unable to sleep the sleep of ages, according to religious beliefs.