Christmas and New Year for the Ukrainians in Maramureș County

Ukrainians from Sighet, Ruscovei and Viseu Valley celebrate, between 7th and 14th of January 2012, Christmas and New Year according to the Julian calendar, delayed 13 days from the Gregorian calendar.

Every year, almost 36.000 Ukrainians from Maramures County, Serbs, Russians and old rite Lippovans, celebrate in early January Christmas and New Year by the Julian calendar. Ukrainians over Tisa cross the border in Maramures in order to join them and celebrate these two holidays.

In 2012 the celebration of Christmas takes place on January, 7th. One week later, on January 14th, New Year is celebrated.

Ukrainian carol singers in Maramures County participate in January at their own winter traditions festival held in Sighet. This festival takes place right after the one in December, held for new rite Christians.