Discover top 10 destinations

The cities in the North-West region of Transylvania, with their numerous historical monuments, wooden churches and monasteries, fortresses, caves and mountain resorts, classify in the top of the tourist routes to be followed in Romania.

1 Cimitirul Vesel de la Sapanta – The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta

The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta is the most important and famous tourist destination of Maramures. Unique in Romania and worldwide, this unusual cemetery was built in the ‘30s at the folk artist Stan Ion Patras initiative.

The novelty of the cemetery is given by the crosses with funny inscriptions, in poems, about the life of the deceased. The vivid colours of the crosses (yellow, red, green, blue) and the images depicting the passed away individual’s job are also distinctive elements.

Currently, the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta houses 800 crosses, true evidences of locals’ mentality, culture and customs.

2 Cascada Cailor – Horses Waterfall

The Horses Waterfall is located near the resort Borsa in Maramures, at an altitude of 1300 meters. Considered the largest waterfall in Romania, the Horses Waterfall name comes from the legend that circulates in the area. According to this legend, dozens of horses fell one night into the abyss, in their attempt to escape from a bear. Fascinated by this story, the locals have named several tourist attractions after horses: Horses Waterfall, Horses Mountain, Horses Bridge and Horses Spring.

The wonderful landscape of Horses Waterfall charms every year thousands of tourists eager to relax in the bosom of the pure nature.

3 The Banffy Castle

The Banfy Castle of Bontida town is the most important tourist destination of Cluj County. Any tourist who arrives in the heart of Transylvania has to check on the list a visit to this complex of Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic style buildings. The castle gathers all these styles as it was built over 400 years (1437-1890).

The Banffy Castle, named by some people the “Transylvanian Versailles”, is the largest building of its kind in Transylvania, its fame having long surpassed the borders of the country.

4 The Nicula Monastery

The Nicula Monastery of Cluj County is the most important destination for pilgrims in Transylvania. Founded in the sixteenth century, Nicula Monastery is one of the oldest monastic settlements of Romania. The legend of the Virgin Mary icon that wept for several days convinces every year tens of thousands of tourists to step into the famous monastery, especially on the patron’s day, on 15 August.

5 Baile Felix Resort

Located a few kilometres from the Oradea City, in Bihor County, Baile Felix constitutes the largest resort in Romania. Tourists come here not only for treatment but also to relax in the bosom of the nature at the “Paraul Peta” (Peta Creek) Natural Reservation.

6 Gradina Zmeilor – Dragons’ Garden

The Dragons’ Garden of Galgaul Almasului village, Salaj County, will surprise you due to its spectacular landscapes, unique in Romania. Also known as „Fata catanii”, the Dragons’ Garden is a geological reservation particularly “messy” due to erosion. The rocks, appeared over the surrounding vegetation, change their appearance from time to time, some of them bearing names such as: “Zmeul” (the Dragon), “Zmeoaica” (the Dragon’s Mother) and “Eva” (Eve).

7 The Dracula Castle

Dracula Castle, housed in a hotel space of Bargaului Mountains, Bistrita Nasaud County, is the most important tourist destination of the places. Built according to the indications from the famous novel by Bram Stoker, the Dracula Castle receives every year tourists from all over Romania, but also from America and Asia, fascinated by the famous legend.

8 The Ardud Fortress

The Ardud Fortress of Satu Mare was built in the 15th Century by Bartholomew Dragfi, Voivode of Transylvania. The walls of the fortress used to shelter once the mighty Castle of Ardud. Presently, the ruins of the fortress and one of the towers of the castle are open for visit. The vestiges of Ardud were included in a national program for restoration of cultural and historical buildings.

9 The Fortress of Oradea

Presently, the Fortress of Oradea is the only one in the country that is still usable. It houses the headquarters of the Faculty of Visual Arts within the University of Oradea. The Fortress dates from nine centuries ago and has undergone many ordeals.
In terms of historical and cultural aspects the Fortress of Oradea is a major tourist attraction for all Romanians.

10 The Turda Salt Mine

Situated in Cluj County, Salina Turda (Turda Salt Mine) is an ideal tourist destination for any tourist. After restoration and modernization, Turda Salt Mine gained prestige through spectacular elements within the deep mine. We are talking about the “panoramic wheel” and the stalactites highlighted by the bright light. Turda Salt Mine hosts the saline lake, very appreciated by the tourists interested in treatment.