“Autumn on Ierului Valley” (including the Wine Festival)

Archery at the Wine Festival

If you do not want to feel sad for the summer that just ended, in Sacuieni town, at the North of Bihor County, at the beginning of September, there are organized the “Autumn on Ierului Valley” festivities and since it is a viticulture area, you can imagine the wine is not absent.

Thus, traditionally, the Grapes Ball is also organized within this festival, besides shows, concerts and other events.
In 2011, “Autumn on Ierului Valley” took place from 1st to 4th of September (from Thursday to Sunday inclusive), with an exciting first day, when the couples who have turned 50 years of marriage were congratulated.

Competitions of various kinds (culinary, playing cards, chess) or football matches were the stars in the first part of the second day, while at night the music was at high place. The top billings were Neoton Sztarjai of Budapest, and Deep Central of Bucharest. The party went on until late into the night, with the help of DJ Sasha.

The plum brandy festival was probably one of the most anticipated moments of Saturday, together with the cheerleaders’ parade.

The festival ended with several dance, archery or karate demonstrations, a Korda Gyorgy and Balazs Klari concert, as well as the habitual fireworks.

If you want to go to Secuieni, a city located at 42 kilometres distance from Oradea, first you should to get on the National Road 19. If you come by train, make sure you take the Oradea – Satu Mare route, the railway station being about 2 km from the centre of the city. Other close cities are Valea lui Mihai (Michael’s Valley), 20 kilometres away and Marghita, at 18 kilometres.

In addition, the city is located on the Wine Road of Ierului Valley, where you can taste wine from over 3,000 cellars, most of them being dug in the ground. Secuieni is, in fact, one of the viticulture centres Diosig vineyard.

The varieties recommended by specialists of this area are: white grapes Feteasca and Italian Riesling, the latter having a high acidity and impressing through fruitiness. There are also two authorized varieties: Royal Feteasca and Muscat Ottonel.