“La fântâna dorului” (At the Sorrow Fountain) – folk festival

Folkloric ensemble participating at the “La fântâna dorului” festival

The people from Salaj have a very interesting festival named “La fantana dorului” (At the Sorrow Fountain) destined to children of all ages. It takes place every year, at the middle of July (in general between 15th and 20th), in Simleul Silvaniei town, being dedicated especially to the children.

“La fantana dorului” has become a famous manifestation not only because it gathers the Romanians from everywhere, but also because bands from abroad always participate to the contests, from Republic of Moldavia to Kazahstan and from Albany to Ukrain.

In general, children from the area compete with folk songs, but also from the countries where there is a strong Romanian community.

Thus, local traditions and values ​​are promoted among Romanian children who grow up and live in Diaspora.

The festival is also an opportunity for the participating bands to win the prizes put at stake by the organizers.

The event lasts for three days. In the first day, the participants to these competitions boast about their folk costumes, the dancing, but especially about the songs specific to the area of origin, while in the second day the people present are able to enjoy more artistic performances.

At the foot of Magura, in the third day, the celebration continues with bands that have already participated in competitions the previous days.

The park of Simleul Silvaniei town is the place where you can watch the festival, if you are willing to go to the area especially arranged for the event.

The interesting part of this festival is that all bands parade on the streets of the city, each group displaying its costumes while singing folk songs specific to the areas of origin.

It is impossible not to get lost in the rain of colours displayed by the costumes mixed with the burst of sound coming from each musical instrument “engaged” in the general joy by various artists.

During the festival there are organized exhibitions of folk art, ethnography and history for the children in order to integrate them as better as possible in the tradition of the area.

In addition, those who come especially for the festival can take trips in the area and can enjoy the opportunity of entertaining evenings.

The festival is organized by the local authorities with the support of the County School Inspectorate and the Ministry of Education. An important role has the Kids Club of Simleu and the Cultural Association “La fantana dorului”.