Aeternus Maramorosiensis – Medieval Festival of Sighetu Marmatiei

Reconstitution of armor used by soldiers of the Roman legions

“Aeternus Maramorosiensis” is the most important medieval festival which takes place annually in Sighetu Marmatiei and one of the most authentic festivals in Romania. The festival is held annually in September in the old centre of Sighet. The purpose of the event is bringing back to life the remote history of the region.

The main part of the festival is represented by the medieval camp, where you can participate in a history lesson animated by fighters making demonstrations of handling the medieval weapons and presenting fighting techniques of that time. The demonstrations of combat and military strategy are a faithful reconstruction, based on authentic historical documents, of military techniques from different periods that marked the existence of Sighet Marmatiei nowadays territory.

The participants to the Aeternus Maramorosiensis festival may attend demonstrations of Dacian and Roman battles, can admire the armours used by the soldiers of the Roman legions or military garments of other warriors, as well as the ones of the Hungarians, Slavs, Varangians, Pechenegs and Cumanians. The duels are also one of the attractions of the festival, and the presentations specialized on medieval weapons will capture the public attention.

As a historical approach, the festival is not limited to the fascinating military parades of the warriors from the past. The event is also animated through presentations held by historians, through baroque music concerts and medieval dances and even by modern music, with concerts sustained by famous folk singers.

The festival of the old centre of Sighet Marmatiei has also an interactive character. The spectators can attend archery training and various competitions, but they can also admire the medieval crafts through a reconstitution of an ancient fair. And because history is the focus of the event, the organizers invite the participants to view exhibitions of authentic maps and other extremely important and valuable historical documents.