Negreni Fair

Stall with old tools at the Negreni Fair

The greatest traditional fair in the country, the Negreni Fair has been repeated for several years and keeps attracting more and more people during the three days while it lasts, in the second weekend of October.

An important source of income for those who come here to sell, a good reason to get out of the house or to cross the country for curious people everywhere, a source for antique or vintage lovers, a great deal for those who want to change wardrobe with worn clothes “from abroad”, the Negreni fair is worth seeing for whatever reason.

Stretching on many kilometres, right on the Cris River shore, the Negreni Fair can be easily found if you go on E60 road connecting Cluj to Oradea. The accommodation is a problem to be solved in time, but the guesthouses appeared everywhere should not be hard to find in the area.

It can be said that there is no item, object or piece that cannot be found here, whether new, second hand or over 100 years old. Starting with clothes, furniture, footwear and passing on to tools, antiques and traditional items, crafts, cheap Chinese art objects, but also food, cars and bicycles are available for all tastes. There can also be found old magazines and dowry chests, but nevertheless the clothes and shoes are the best selling items.

Most visitors end up buying bags full of items exposed for sale at the fair, such as thick winter jackets, in good condition, or boots that can be worn throughout a winter.

Contrary to appearances, the Negreni fair is not only for people without financial possibilities. Here also come foreign people who leave happy after having acquired valuable pieces. Owners of antique shops in other countries say they are very pleased with the silverware and pendulum clocks purchased at the fair, and the negotiation upon the desired object is a constant aspect of the Negreni fair.