The “Salajean Village” Festival – Porolissum

Vegetable stall at the “Sălăjean Village” Festival

The Porolissum Camp is one of the best preserved archaeological sites in Romania and it hosts the “Salajean village” festival annually. The Porolissum camp is located at Magura Pomat, in Moigrad Porolissum village of Mirsid Commune, Salaj County.

The “Salajean Village” festival has a tradition of five years and is one of the most important folk festivals in the region. Every year, in September, the Salaj County Council organizes the “Salajean Village” Festival, an event dedicated to the Romanian authentic traditions.


Besides visiting the Roman camp Porolissum, the tourists and locals can also see how traditional Romanian costumes and the cloche hats (“clop”) are made. The most famous potters, blacksmiths, wood sculptors and icon painters in the area attend the “Salajean Village” festival every year.


The Romanian cuisine lovers can taste the traditional Romanian dishes especially prepared for the festival. Among the presented food there are included homemade hearth bread, homemade sausages, smoked bacon or lean smoked meat (“pecia”) and pickles. Besides the Romanian traditional products, the visitors can try Hungarian or Slovak food, but also Roman dishes such as, salt and honey steak, vegetable marrow puree, duck and beet, Apicius soup and military bread. The wine and the famous brandy are not missing either.

Traditional music and dances

Every year the “Salajean Village” Festival brings together the most famous folk bands in the county. The participants in the festival have the opportunity to listen to folk music concerts, violin, and trumpet or clarinet concerts.


Those who wish to remain with a memory from the Festival can choose a souvenir from the craftsmen stands, either items of fabric, woven twigs and beads, or iron objects and icons.

In 2010, the “Salajean Village” Festival was registered with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks. The Salaj County Council representatives want the festival which has already become tradition, to take place during four days from now on.

How to get to the festival

During the festival, Salaj County Council provides free transport. The vehicles start in front of the County Council building towards Moigrad, Poralissum.