The Grapes Ball of Cetariu

Folk ensemble of Cetariu

The Cetariu Commune of Bihor respects an over 70 year old tradition: the Grapes Ball tradition. The event takes place every year immediately after the harvesting of the bunch of grapes, in the period September – October. The visitors enjoy a new experience combined with music, dance, joy, grapes, must (juice of grapes) and wine.

The Grapes Ball of Cetariu Commune is an ethnographic manifestation of the Hungarian minority, organized by the Cetariu Town Hall, which gathers every year hundreds of villagers at the local Cultural Centre in order to celebrate their harvest.

According to the tradition, the procession starts going from house to house at noon – 12 o’clock (towards Tautlec and Sisterea), with four horse-drawn carts. There are always two important riders of the village leading the crowd, according to the joyful rhythm sustained by local famous musicians.

On its way, the procession entertains the fellow villagers with aged folk dances and invites people to take part in a party organized in the Cultural Centre of the community at dusk.

After sunset, hundreds of villagers enjoy an artistic program, with music and dances specific to the Hungarian people. The participants to the Grapes Ball of Cetariu spend hours tasting the grapes harvest and the freshly prepared wine. Musicians, dancers and folk bands are invited to the event.

The Grapes Ball is considered by the inhabitants as a true symbol of the place. The villagers prepare beforehand for the event, by picking grapes and preparing the autumn delights, so that they could take part in the fun and the atmosphere from the beginning of October.

The significance of the event, as the participants declare, is much deeper than the pleasure to taste from the fruits of the Cetariu earth. People gather urged by the desire to feel the joy of the crops in complete harmony with the others, being grateful for the harvest of each fall.