The Onion Festival – Asuaju de Sus

The Onion Festival – Autumn onion production

The “Onion Fair” Festival is one of the oldest, longest and popular events that occur each year in Maramures. For more than 40 years, the festival has transformed from an event in which all young people in the area participated in order to compete one another in dances and costumes, into a continuous show where people gather in order to have a good time.

At first, the “Onion Festival of Asuaju de Sus” was in fact an opportunity for the young girls to meet and get to know the lads of the place. Here the girls came dressed in traditional costumes, with plaited hair and the boys who wanted to get married could surely choose a wife here.

Changes throughout the time

Given that things have changed compared to 40 years ago and the generations have changed a lot too, the “Onion Festival” of Asuaju de Sus has also suffered a series of transformations. However, important traditions have not been lost yet, such as wearing the onion wreaths.

Despite the fact that people are not great onion growers, most people wear the wreaths when they come to the festival in order to carry on this tradition and to give an example to younger generations. Those who do not come already wearing those wreaths from home can buy them directly from the fair. So, no participant in this event does not leave home without the famous wreath specific to this festival.

Every year there are organized all kinds of contests with prizes, competitions and concerts appreciated by residents. Apart from local, folk bands, the organizers also bring known bands of pop music, folk dancing groups, fireworks, etc.
Here, people relax by gathering together around the tables, eating the famous “mititei” (highly seasoned forcemeat balls) which have become customary at this fair and drinking beer.
Thousands of Maramures locals come yearly to the festival, but also tourists who can make winter supplies as here gather various farmers with goods brought directly from Salaj and Satu Mare and the prices are quite low.