It is saying that the inhabitants of Transylvania are the most rigorous  Romanians and it can be seen in their homes  either we are talking about the houses from the big cities of the region or about the ones from the rural parts. But the Transylvania people know how to have fun and to find different reasons for party. And from here, especially in the big towns from the North West of Romania, appeared events, especially cultural and traditional, which became famous also over the borders of Romania.


Baia Mare is the capital of Maramures and one of the towns where every year many event are organised, events that transform the locality in an attraction centre. Maybe the most famous annual event that takes place in Baia Mare is the Chestnuts Festival, known also as the town festival and takes place in many locations of  Baia Mare. The event has a traditional country character. Still in Baia Mare you can find cultural manifestations such as the “Atelier” International Festival of Theatre  and you should not forget other event dedicated to the children, respectively the National Festival of Music for Children, “Ursuletul de aur”. In September, in Baia Mare, there is also the Old Centre Festival.


Sighetu Marmatiei, other important town of Maramures, is celebrating at the beginning of October, when the events dedicated to the Town’s Days take place. Other event, this time with a strong traditional character, happens still in Sighetu Marmatiei,  the Marmatia Festival. Exactly at the end of December, every year, people dressed in popular costumes are marching and in the same event the famous Maramures masked characters also appear.


Being the  capital of Bihor and it is the biggest in the county, Oradea houses many events among which we can notice the Fortress Festival, with theatre spectacles, medieval sport contests, exhibitions, different medieval, popular and classic music contests. All these manifestations take place in the courtyard of the Medieval Fortress of Oradea. But, besides the Fortress Festival, the Oradea inhabitants are enjoying a holiday marathon which takes place in occasion of the Town’s Days and which has been called the Oradea Autumn. The holiday-marathon lasts over a month, being organised every year from the middle of September till the middle of October. And still in Oradea you must know that there are the Festivals of Beer and Wine but also the Slivovitz Manufacturers Fair.


Zalau, the town, capital of the county of Salaj, every year organises an unique holiday. We are talking about the Roman Days festival, which brings to our days a part of the history of Dacia.  The participants can admire the old exhibits from the towers of the Praetoria Gate, can assist to fighting demonstrations specific for the Roman period, but they also see  how people were dancing during the Decebal period in Dacia. More, also Zalau has a holiday dedicated to the Town’s Days.


Every month of June, the Bistrita inhabitants are celebrating the Medieval Bistrita and the town seat of the county for Bistrita-Nasaud “goes back” in time to return to life personages of history. In the same occasion, takes place also the beauty contest Princess of Bistrita. But, Bistrita is much more rich in events. Here in the month of September you can see also the MuVi Film Festival. The Bistrita inhabitants love also the folk and that’s way they have invented Bistrita Folk, a national contest festival for the young men who have something to say in this musical genre.


Satu Mare, capital of the county with the same name, is maybe the most active town with regard to events. In Satu Mare the Samfest Festivals take place, these contain many music styles, such as jazz or rock, but also the “No Barriers” Theatre Festival. And for who prefers the popular music, every year, in Satu Mare takes place a Transylvanian Music Contest. But we should not forget the International Festival of Palinka, maybe the biggest event of such kind in the region. Still in the Satu Mare county, in the town of Carei, every year is being organised Augustfest, an event with different sports and cultural activities .


Cluj-Napoca, capital of the county of Cluj, is for sure a town where you can not get bore, and if we remember only TIFF – The Transylvania International Film Festival which already is world-famous. All the passionate about film, Cluj offers the Sleepless Night of the Romanian Film (in September). Also, at Cluj-Napoca, every year the Guitar International Festival – Transylvania is held. Of course, also the Cluj inhabitants are celebrating their town. The Event Days of the City of Cluj-Napoca includes more manifestations, and most of them are held in the centre of the town.