Exhibitions at the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca in January 2012

The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca hosts a series of exhibitions starting  January 2012. Visitors can see the exhibition “The Fall. The Call” and the exhibition “Annual Art Show”.

The “Annual Art Show” is the largest exhibition held in the Museum of Fine Arts from Cluj, as number of artists that exhibit their works, as members of the creative departments (painting, graphics, design, environmental art, ceramics, photo-video) and as works displayed.

The Exhibition “The Fall. The Call” includes works from the heritage of the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca. The exhibition is part of a program in which several cultural personalities are invited to propose different exhibitions consisting of works from the museum`s property.

In The National Gallery, located at the first floor of the museum, is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures that were selected from the museum`s heritage. The works make up ​​a presentation of five centuries of national plastic art, especially of the art in Transylvania.