The cuisine of Transylvania and Maramures is a mix of ancestral Romanian, Saxon and Hungarian dishes. The ones passionate about gastronomy should not miss this region that shall offer them savoury traditional dishes. In no other place you shall find such a huge diversity, from broths(soups and borsches) up to stew, “papricas”(fricasseed veal highly seasoned with Hungarian pepper) and “gomboti”(plums balls) .

The recipes of this cuisine have been kept since the forefathers, with a particular taste, which seems to remember of the land hard worked and the tired hands of our grandmothers. The unique smell of the dishes leads you to the hot fireplaces, the freshly milk milking and ripe fruits, that makes you dream about a far away childhood. The care with which grandmothers and mother are preparing the meal gives you the impression that a particular ritual, generating miracles shall come.

This cuisine is very delicious, rich in fat, meat, sauces, condiments and bacon, all watered with twice distilled plum brandy.

Specific ingredients:

The Transylvanians are loving the fatty meals, with a lot of grease and hot pepper. The ham, onion or the bread fresh cooked and also a glass of ”Palinka” (a fruit brandy) can always be found on the table, every day. The pork or chicken meat, the sausages, the smoked meat, the hot pepper, the paprika, the grease but also the vegetables are being used in many dishes. The tarragon is other ingredient always present in the borsch and oven meals.

The pork meat meals and also the sausages, blood pudding or the meat loaf are always present on  festive table.

Traditional preparations:

“Balmos”.  Is a traditional meal in Maramures, especially prepared in the sheepfold. It is made of sheep green cheese, milk or butter and maize.

Stew with porridge. It is made of porridge, greaves, sweet milk, cream and sausages.

Mush cabbage. This cabbage (forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves) is as famous as its sisters of Moldavis. It is being prepared during the fasting periods and have sauerkraut, mush, vegetables. They are baked in the oven, in a clay pot, without water, only with a few oil over. In Transylvania, the forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves are served either hot or cold. For their preparation there can be used many types of leaves: cabbage, vine, beet or orrache.

Creased pie. It is a traditional meal of Maramures, homologated by a women of the locality of Somcuta Mare. It is a folded pie, with cheese, which in fried in oil. It can be stuffed with potatoes, apples or cabbage.

Stew of Bihor. It is a consistent meal, pork meat based, very popular in this part of the country.

“Gulas bograci”. Known also as Hungarian goulash made in cast-iron kettle, this meal originates from Transylvania. It is made of pork meat, chop, smoked ham, vegetables and condiments.

Paprikas. This meal is similar to goulash. It is prepared with many condiments, especially paprika. It can be prepared with chicken, pork, beef or venison but also with dough balls.

Cabbage a la Cluj. This meal is specific for the region of Cluj and it is known as cabbage stew, dispersed cabbage or cabbage in lays in the oven. However you would call it, it is extremely tasty a little bit spicy.

Cocoroada”. It is a pie of thin flaky crust, with plums and sugar, directly baked directly in the hearth. For this pie apples, cheese or cabbage can be also used.

“Gomboti”. It is a traditional Hungarian dessert and actually is like the plums balls. For the preparation of this dessert the sweet cheese can be also used.

“Pogacele”. Cakes or greaves of dough, originating from Tirol. These are being prepared after the pig cutting, from pork greaves. But they can  be also prepared from goose greaves.

“Bulz ardelenesc”. It is made of porridge, salty cheese, chop, eggs and cottage cheese.

Cumin soup. This soup can be always found on the tables of Transylvania. It contains cumin bulb, potatoes, vegetable marrow, milk, onion.

Transylvanian borsch. It is a consistent borsch, with tarragon and cream, with pork or chicken meat.

Transylvanian soup. It is made of peas, ham, garlic, tomatoes and parsley.

Mashed beans. It is a meal specific for the fasting periods. It is served with pickled red onion.

Vegetables appetizer. Prepared during summer time, to handle the long winter fasting periods, this meal personifies the skilful of the women of Transylvania in the kitchen. It can be prepared from eggplants, capsicum, mushrooms, carrots, beans or cauliflower.