Baita de sub Codru

Baita de sub Codru
Băiţa de sub Codru

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Green and traditional – these are words that can describe perfectly what you can find if you go to Baita de sub Codru. The town is located in southwest of Maramures county, about 50 kilometres away from Baia Mare.


Thanks to the forests and grasslands that stretch as long as the eye can see, this area that also includes Baita is known as “Tara Codrului” (Country of Codru). The name of the village Baita bears for centuries comes from a gold mine which operated in the area about 400 years ago, at Baita Woods.


The present Baita de sub Codru Commune is formed of two villages, the capital with the same name and Urmenis, both documented since 1300 – 1400.


The Romanians from Baita, as well as from all over Maramures, take pride that they have been living on these lands for 2,000 years; the elders tell the stories as if they had lived during those times when the Romans failed to conquer this part of the country and take pride to be related to the “free Dacians”. They would not allow to be scattered by any kind of human plagues, such as the Turks, the Hungarians or the Russians. Luckily the Communists also left them outside during the collectivization.


Baita de sub Codru is the perfect destination if you want to spend several days in a quiet green area, admiring fragments of the history of Romania at the same time. In this area you can see Celtic crosses, stone crosses in two very old cemeteries, traditional houses of Codru with porches supported by pillars of oak, the courtyards with wheel wells or traditional oven or the barns with huge gates, of Germanic inspiration.


Few habits have changed in this area in the last centuries. It is true that some locals often go to the West to make money, but then they return home, where they build brave houses according to the traditional pattern.


The best time to go to Baita de sub Codru is at the end of June when, year after year, on the 24th of the month, in the Valea Lungă (Long Valley) area, there are organized traditional folkloric manifestations of Codru, specific to the celebration of Sanziene (Fairies).


Unfortunately, the local infrastructure does not impress at all, on the contrary, a trip here can cause problems to the tourists used to see modern resorts providing full facilities. The village roads are not better either, but asphalting projects exists though. On the other hand, the locals compensate with their hospitality and diligence.


Baita de sub Codru is a perfect destination for relaxation and even hiking in the Codru Mountains, although small and less known, very picturesque and wild.

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