Bologa Fortress

Bologa Fortress

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Cluj hides many mysteries and places loaded with history. Starting from Baciu Forest to Cluj Napoca city itself, every part of the county tells the story of hundreds of generations, which means that a holiday spent in this area, will be very successful for those interested in travelling in the past.


About an hour’s drive north-west of Cluj, Bologa Fortress stands proudly in the town with the same name, looking forward to be discovered and admired by tourists. Bologa is located on the national road to Oradea, DE 60.


From the hilltop where is situated, the fortress masters the surroundings and defends them as a protective mother of all forests and pastures in Bologa commune. Although the Romans often ignored it, Bologa has awaited its visitors alone, silent and eaten away by time and weather.


Historians have found out that in ancient times a Roman camp existed here at Bologa having been built immediately after Trajan conquered Dacia. Greek settlers seem to have been brought to the camp as well, so it also became cultural centre.


Some traces of this camp and of a Roman bath can be seen in the area called Gradiste, but most of the area became farmland, so the history has been covered by the cereal crops. After the Roman episode, in 1300 a medieval fortress arose in Bologa, the ruins of which can be seen on a hill in town.


The citadel offered by Sigismund of Luxembourg to Mircea the Elder (Mircea I of Wallachia) in the 14th century is gradually collapsing, but it isnot giving up and is still struggling to win the fight with the time. Together with this fortress, Mircea the Elder (Mircea I of Wallachia) also received Bran Fortress as a gift in the honour of the alliance against the Turks.


Not only people ignore it, but also the authorities, who could attract much more tourists through a well defined project, in this way raising money for the local budget. At one point, there existed the idea of a Dracula story to be developed here as well, given that Vlad the Impaler (Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia) inherited the fortress, but all remained at the stage of idea and nothing more.


Looking at the fortress and its surroundings, you cannot avoid thinking that the area is perfect for shooting a historical film or an adventure one, not with James Bond, but with Indiana Jones.


In addition, although the citadel is on Romanian soil, Hungarians know much better than us how to take advantage of it. On weekends the place is visited by tourists coming from Hungary, accompanied by guides, helping people to leave with an unforgettable memory.

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