Campeneasca Cave of Vascau

Campeneasca Cave of  Vascau

Geomorphological elements

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The Campeneasca Cave hides the highest underground waterfall in Romania and can be found about 100 kilometres away from Oradea, on DN76, near Vascau, in the Beius depression.


Only tourists equipped for mountaineering can see here how Tarina brook falls strongly down from 35 meters, forming an impressive waterfall and then, after only two kilometres, it disappears underground and reappears at the karstic intermittent spring Boiu, in the western part of Vascau town.


Another image that might impress the environmentalists in a negative way would be rubbish which can be seen quite often and cannot be ignored, no matter how much you try. There were a few attempts by authorities and volunteers to clean the cave, but somehow the garbage keeps heaping.


There are no railway routes to lead straight to this city, but the inhabitants of Oradea can always indicate you means of transportation that makes the connection from the station of Oradea to Vascau.


If you have a car, it will be helpful, but only up to a point. More specifically up to 150 meters away from the last house of Vascau, towards Tarina depression. If your vacation equipment includes a GPS device, then you can find the target much easier, by following the coordinates: 46.8096 north latitude and 22.47901 east longitude.


For those who do not have such devices, the space orientation is essential to arrive to destination in less than an hour.
Starting from the last house in town, after about 150 meters you turn left and move on, leaving Boiu Spring to your left.


Next, you turn right on the road and climb up the ridge. Going forward, you’ll see a forest road on the left that, after a 15 minutes’ walk, takes you to Tarina depression.


After about 20 minutes walk through the Tarina depression you will meet Izbuc village and the brook heading for the Campeneasca Cave.


Once here, you can just enjoy the unique view of an underground waterfall of about 35 meters, accessible only to climbers. The mystery of the water which disappears underground and emerges to the surface, some pictures taken successfully or not (for the water spray may create difficulties) and an unforgettable adventure are just some of the reasons for you to cover such a distance.

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