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Casa Argintarului (Silversmith’s House)

Casa Argintarului

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The Silversmith’s House of Bistrita, as the name suggests, belonged to a skilled jeweller who was in charge of its image in the sixteenth century, adorning it with frames made ​​of stone. These wonders were realized ​​by Petrus da Lugano, an architect who was also responsible for the consolidation of a church from the same locality.


As soon as you arrive in front of the Silversmith’s House, you will be impressed with the rectangular pillars having the role of ornamental elements, but which seem to be two soldiers who never leave their post and defend the building regardless of what can happen around them.


The storey building, located on the Dornei street no. 5 was subject to many hardships over time, a lot of things inside having been destroyed during a fire in 1758.


Two centuries later, the Silversmith’s House was almost demolished, but the efforts made by the historian Nicolae Iorga before the authorities helped it remain standing on its feet, continuing a journey begun hundreds of years ago.


The state became owner of the Silversmith’s House during Communism in 1950, a moment when the former home of the jeweller was subject to complex works to bring it back to its original state. The two bodies building is representative for the medieval architecture of Bistrita, and presently the People’s Art School carries on its activity here.


Until 1986 a section of the city museum, once named Rodna Regional Museum, was located here as well. Thus, people coming to this wonderful place used to relax by watching the Thracian-Scythian ornaments and weapons, objects from the Roman camps and unique pottery. Presently they were moved.


Although the modern style with concrete and glass began to leave its mark more and more on Romania, especially in big cities, behold, there are still places full of history which are struggling to maintain an authentic aura.


For a while we heard some talking about the rehabilitation of Silversmith’s House of Bistrita, a renovation that should not diminish the historical value. But unfortunately the project was not approved in this respect, local authorities failing to obtain European funds.


However the local Council is not willing to give up and presently has plans to cooperate with Germany in order to integrate Silversmith House in a package tour. They are even considering changing the name of the building to the German House.

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