Casa Elisabeta (Elizabeth House)

Casa Elisabeta
Baia Mare

Memorial houses

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If you decided to spend your holidays by visiting different wonderful places in Maramures, you have to make time and work your way to go to the Elisabeth Szilagyi House in Baia Mare, also known as John of Hunedoara House.


Elizabeth House, located in Liberty Square at number 18, was begun in the fifteenth century by Iancu de Hunedoara, but carried through by Matei Corvin. The property located in the old centre of Baia Mare is part of a medieval castle, which represented a proof of love given by John the Hunedoara to his wife, Elizabeth Salajan. It is the oldest civil building in the city.


At first glance you’d think the building is abandoned, the lack of interest from the authorities being obvious. Burdened with history and eroded by time and weather, the building walls barely resist and often has been said and written that the entire house is in danger of collapse.


Elizabeth House in Baia Mare has a big legal problem: it has more owners who do not agree what to do with it and they prize it so much, that these days only the elders of the area seem to know its true value.


At some point, at the level of Baia Mare City Hall, one of the owners, there was an idea of accessing European funds for the building to be restored, but the other owners did not want to contribute financially.


Instead of being invited to visit such an important building, the passers are advised to go around the area because the plaster falling off might hurt them.


In addition, the construction built in 1446 is the subject of a great scandal among the owners. There is a total madness with criminal complaints and lawsuits, and a Frenchman who owns the basement keeps digging to find a treasure buried a long time ago somewhere in the old centre of town, perhaps under the Elizabeth House, he thinks.


The man bought several basements of historic buildings and weakened the foundations of the houses by digging for the treasure. Instead, he refused to give money as co-owner for their rehabilitation. The treasure seeker has already gotten him a law suit, but nothing was solved in regard with the Elizabeth House.


Meanwhile, during these disputes, the building is decaying and nothing is done in order to save what could be an important tourist attraction and a source of income.

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