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Cetatele Lake

Cetatele Lake
Caianu Mare

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Cetatele Lake, one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Romania, is located in Bistrita-Nasaud County, in neighbourhood of Caianu Mare town.


Also named Taul Caianului by the locals, the lake is protected by the law.


Cetatele Lake is a so called “sliding” lake, having been formed behind a large wall of earth rolled down from the Cetatele Peak.


In order to get to Cetatele Lake you must go on DN 17 up to Uriu Commune. Then, at kilometre 15 of this town you will come to a county road, only partially paved, which you must cross until Caianu Mic.


From this point on, you will traverse Ilisua Valley on foot and you will get to Caianu Mare; from here all you have to do is climb to the top of Cetatele hill in order to see the lake from there.


From up there, in front of the tourist coming to this place for the first time, a wild view opens up. Steep slopes seem to be falling down in a huge hollow where the stretch of water lies.


The lake is quite wide, having over 8,000 square meters and a slight oval shape. It is not very deep, about two meters, but it also has also holes up to five meters.


Cetatele Lake is a very appropriate destination for a trip in the nature, and the fact that it is not very famous makes it less crowded, unlike other mountain places in Romania where you cannot even glance due to the affluence of the tourists.


The view from the top of Cetatele hill is lovely, but unusual at the same time. In certain periods of summer, water lilies can be seen on the lake side, while the waters are rich in fish.


Unfortunately, the lake becomes smaller and smaller. Its surface and depth decreases due to alluvia brought by the abundant rains settling on its bottom and on the sides. Therefore, for those of you who saw it 20-30 years ago, its aspect seems different now and the memory does not play tricks on you. However, the water remains clean, thanks to the streams that feed it from underground.


Of course, the best period for a visit is the summer, when the access to the Cetatele Lake is easier, as well. However, if you have the chance to come to this area in the cold season, you will encounter a truly unique view, for the depression where the lake is located seems from another planet.


If you want to spend a few days in a vacation in this area, you can find accommodation at Caianu Mare, within a tourist complex.

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