Cheile Turzii (Turda Keys)

Cheile Turzii
Cheile Turzii



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Cheile Turzii is the perfect weekend destination if you want to escape from the dust, crowdedness and the garbage of the city. In the early spring and autumn is the most suitable period to go on an expedition through the defile created by an affluent of Aries River in Trascau Massif.


Here are some directions in order to arrive easily to the destination: on Cluj to Bucharest direction, you go out of Turda on the road towards Campeni; from there remain 14 city kilometres more until the entrance to the keys.


The first part of the road is paved and you can even step on acceleration. Then, at the exit from Mihai Viteazu commune, you go right towards Cheia village, according to the indicator directing you towards Turda Keys. Only the last kilometre of the road is a little more difficult for drivers and cars. If you do not want to risk a flat tyre, you can leave the motor vehicle at the end of the paved road, on top of the hill.


If you are driving a 4×4 vehicle, you can even reach the parking lot near the chalet in Turda Keys area, which is right at the foot of the two giants, broke by Hasdate River, forming the Turda Keys.


At the chalet, there is a map of the natural reserve where you are about to enter. A tip: choose the route which involves the circuit of the ridges because it is the most spectacular. By the side of the chalet you enter the defile, on a trail cut into the rock.


Then the path goes through the forest, only the last part of ascension takes you through the wild shrubs up to the ridge. At descent, it seems easier, but the stones can slip down when you touch them, and the fragile branches of young trees cannot hold if you hang to them.


For less experienced travellers, we recommend leaving the trail and return to the chalet through the defile. There are about two kilometres of walking, but they go by so fast you don’t even know when you’ve crossed them. The path goes from one shore to the other, crossing a few bridges suspended above the Hasdate Valley. It does not take more than 40 minutes of slow walk, back to the chalet.


Regarding the accommodation conditions, the closest guesthouses are in Mihai Viteazul and Moldovenesti communes, located at a few kilometres distance of the keys. You can even stay at the chalet in the area, but the conditions are not extraordinary. For the young people, there is a space where tents can be installed, at the entrance into the defile. Be careful, however, even summer nights here are very cool.

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