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Satu Mare County boasts about beautiful places, where the Romanian tradition is enshrined and all those who want to learn more information about the rural history of Romania can find here an inexhaustible source. Such an area is the one around the Chilia town, a settlement with a long and troubled history.


The local tradition, confirmed by some historical sources, says this area was occupied by an old convent and cells for nuns a long time ago, but the Tartar invasion destroyed the old constructions. The legend is the only not lost and the locality name now recalls the distant past.


In order to go to Chilia you should go about 25 kilometres from the Satu Mare city on DJ 193A and then one more kilometre on a local road. The fact that it is so close to an urban agglomeration makes Chilia an ideal destination for a one day trip.


Once in town, you will be amazed at the multitude of households built in the architectural style specific to this area.


There is also a village museum, the “Peasant Household from Chilia”, which reproduces exactly the architectural features of Country of Codru homes. You will be able to visit the house, which has an entrance hall and two rooms, a barn, pantry for food and a chicken coop, all built in the first half of last century.


The barn is impressive due to its great dimensions, used in the past for a lot of purposes, such as shelter to animals and storing tools and means of transport or forage and grains. The household is owned by the Satu Mare County Museum and went through a series of repairs and improvements in early years after the Revolution.


The “peasant household” from Chilia can be visited every day of the week, even on weekends upon request.


There are also recreational areas nearby, so a trip to these places can be easily extended for several days and it can turn into a successful holiday you will certainly remember with pleasure forever.

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