Ciur Izbuc Cave

Ciur Izbuc Cave

Geomorphological elements

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The karstic relief of Padurea Craiului Mountains of Apuseni hosts a series of caves with indisputable tourist value, among which the Ciur-Izbuc cave, in Ciurului Hollow. The cave is known not only for the tourism value, but also for its archaeological importance.


Those who are not from the area can rely on the Beius locals’ valuable indications, and those who have the necessary technology may use the GPS service to find the objective faster and easier. The coordinates are 46.84970 north latitude and 22.39200 east longitude.


The cave entrance is quite wide and taller than a man’s stature.


Here are some interesting historical details about this cave. It was discovered in 1952, when its exploration began on a surface of 150 meters.


In 1965 at Ciur-Izbuc the first traces of the prehistoric man were discovered in a cave on the territory of Romania, since then more than 400 evidences of 35,000 years old having been found proving its existence in the caves in our country.


Then followed a period when the cave was closed for research purposes, becoming nowadays a protected area, but not arranged for tourists. Those who insist to visit the objective can do so, but only accompanied by guides and after having obtained approval from custodians.


Clothing is very important, those who venture into it needing a waterproof overalls over the normal clothes, but also strong enough boots to explore such a cave accordingly. Of course, the speleologist helmet is absolutely necessary, including its front flashlight and clear knowledge of instructions of use.


The first sensation on entering the Ciuc-Izbuc cave is of coolness, but after a few steps the temperature becomes constant and not too low, as in any cave happens.


Once inside, the speleology enthusiasts will notice the unique natural show. The Ciuc-Izbuc cave has two levels, a higher level and a lower one.


The length of the upper fossil level is 605 meters and consists of some rooms, but also galleries, while the lower level is only 425 meters long. The lower level is also the current temporary-active gallery, in which the waters collected in the underground through Ponorul Tinoasei flow.

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