Bistrita Nasaud

Cobasel Cave

Cobasel Cave
Muntii Rodnei

Geomorphological elements

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It seems that Rodna Mountains were very productive from the point of view of the caves they host. They look like a Schweitzer of the Romanian Mountains, given the grottos one can explore in this area.


One of them is Cobasel Cave. There are so many data about the location of the cave than even those who have not visited yet feel that they can touch it.


So, if you want to go to this cave, all you have to do is go to Cobasel Valley, on the left slope. This area is about 6 kilometres away from Sant town of Bistrita-Nasaud County. In fact, it is few tens of meters above the Rasului brook.


Cobasel Cave is 570 meters long and it can also boast about a variation in level of a few 30 meters.


The cave is already included in the Rodna Mountains National Park, in the special conservation area. Besides, despite the fact that it only has a surface of one hectare, it was included in the third category of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


According to the data published by specialists, Cobasel Cave dates since Precambrian era. Here are some more technical data for the layman. The formation has a number of parietal and ceiling septa, which means that there are quite a few forms of corrosion.


If you want to explore the cave, you must know that it is already inhabited by several species of bats that have been monitored and identified by Romanian specialists. So, if you really want to visit, whether on winter or summer, you’ll have the chance to watch the wintering colonies or even the temporary housing ones. This can be achieved only if the Administration of Rodna Mountains National Park is announced in advance.


Visits in this cave are only allowed under the supervision of an employee of the Administration. In addition, you will need equipment suitable for such trips which obviously should include a flashlight.


Rodna Mountains National Park has over 45,000 hectares of protected natural area, out of which about 3,000 have been declared a Biosphere Reserve. If you arrive in this area, you cannot get bored, as you can see the caves, gorges, ridges or glades with flowers every step.

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