Creasta Cocosului

Creasta Cocosului
Muntii Gutai

Geomorphological elements

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The Creasta Cocosului (Cock’s Comb) Natural Reservation is located in Gutai Mountains at 1,400 meters altitude, about 30 kilometres from the cities Baia Mare and Baia Sprie of Maramures County. The name of this true natural jewel comes from the similarity between the mountain ridge and the comb of a cock.


The relief, composed of volcanic rocks, has a unique look: especially in the Mara valley, the ridge depicts as a series of sharp rocks, a true toothed blade similar to the battlements of a castle or to the comb of a mountain cock, as the locals well observed.


The Creasta Cocosului Natural Reservation covers an area of ​​only 50 hectares and has an average altitude of 1,200 meters. The highest point of the ridge reaches a height of 1,450 meters.


The ridge dents lie on a length of about 200 meters long, and the viewer is surprised to discover another new look of the ridge, depending on the angle from which he beholds.
The unprecedented forms of the Creasta Cocosului are due to its troubled genesis, being born as a result of explosive volcanic eruptions. The relief was then carved by wind and rain, by torrents, getting to this unique form nowadays.


Creasta Cocosului can be seen from a great distance from all over Maramures, representing a beloved landmark for tourists and mountaineers.


In order to reach Creasta Cocosului, the easiest is to start from Gutai pass, on a journey of only two hours, from the inn nearby, located on National Road 18, between Sighetul Marmatiei and Baia Mare, therefore being a very accessible starting point for hikers.


Creasta Cocosului is sought by mountaineers, but also by those who practice extreme sports, because here you can practice climbing, but also paragliding. The area is famous for the beautiful views it offers to us all, whether experienced mountaineers or hikers who enjoy mountain landscapes.


Since this is a natural reservation, you will not find hotels on the Creasta Cocosului, but a beautiful camping area is at your disposal in the immediate vicinity.


Do not forget to bring your binoculars as well: Creasta Cocosului is also known as a place for observation of birds. Here you can admire protected species in their entire splendour, such as the rock eagle, the golden eagle, crying eagle, raven, hawk and purple wagtail.

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