Csiky Lake

Csiky Lake

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Although by only looking at photos, you might think it is a tiny spot of water, on the spot, the Csiky Lake, which is part of Baile Sarate (Salt Baths) complex of lakes in Turda, has much more impressive dimensions than you think.


All lakes that form the Turda Salt Baths, 15 in number, were formed over the former galleries of salt, which collapsed in time. It’s hard to believe when you see them now that they were basically made by the hand of man. All the lakes here were once Roman or Middle Aged salt mines, places where the water found a bed to rest.


With a maximum depth of 6 meters and a surface of almost 5,000 square meters, Csiky Lake will surprise you by its beauty. Moreover, it is the greatest lake of Transylvania created by man. It looks like a rectangle, with a length of about 80 meters and width of about 60 meters, a fairy tale landscape having developed around it in time.


The emerald green trees, through which some timid sunrays penetrate, merge with the blue sky in its mirror, forming a magical painting.


On the banks, the crystal clear springs flow, always providing fresh and clear water, so, even during prolonged drought, the Csiky Lake is always full.


Standing on the edge of this rich surface of water, you feel an inner peace overwhelming you, a peace which could be difficult to obtain in the humming of the concrete cities. Local people say that if you come here, on the lake side, in the evening and look at its mirror shining, you will find answers to all your problems and torments.


Although summer is the ideal time to visit, if you happen to linger in Turda area on winter, do not be afraid to make a detour to Csiky Lake as well. Especially if there has snowed and everything is dressed in a white blanket of snow, the landscape that will unfold before your eyes will warm your heart, no matter how low is the air temperature.


And when you have found your peace and you are ready to get lost in the history and the beauty of these places, you can go visit the nearby lakes. Not far from Csiky Lake is Tarzan Lake, named by the locals the Bottomless Lake, the legend saying that all that falls in it never comes out to the surface.


And if you happen to be in this region in summer and ​​you got thirsty, you can go to the Roman Lake, also known as the Swimming Place, being arranged as a large swimming pool with lounge chairs, umbrellas and bars.

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