Dabaca Fortress

Dabaca Fortress

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Dabaca, a beautiful commune from Cluj County, is surrounded by oak woods, in which deer, foxes, wild cats or rabbits are masters. However not all these are defining for the small town, but the Dabaca Fortress, a very important place in the history of Transylvania, from which only a thick stone wall was left.


Over the years, the wall surrounding the Dabaca Fortress has undergone ordeals, especially when the Mongol invasion took place; then its tower was also brought to the ground.


The place, of over 550 meters diameter, was a royal fortress and later on, between 1000-1300, the residence of Dabaca County, an administrative unit of the Kingdom of Hungary, at that time stretching over our Transylvania as well.


Before that, the locals say that the fortress ​​was the residence of Prince Gelu, but historians sustain that although they worked very hard in the desire to find evidence in this regard, their mission was not successful.


The construction is located on a hill and from a distance, simply by looking at it, you realize its walls carry on their shoulders the burden of hundreds years of history. So before getting to the fortress, which is also known under the name of County Fortress, you will go on a winding road where no trail of the new civilization can be seen.


The road is not even paved, but this is exactly what gives it a special charm, making you forget about technology, Internet, mobile phones or laptops and try to put yourself for a few moments instead of the people who, hundreds of years ago, defended the fortress with their own life.


Once you arrived on the Fortress Hill, a thick wall of almost three meters will greet you; the tourists can climb on it and admire the surroundings that take their breath away with their beauty. Although it is quite difficult to climb on the wall, your effort will be fully rewarded.


Stones from Dabaca Fortress were used at one point in order to build Teleki Castle, named after the noble family with the same name. It was located in Luna de Jos Town of Cluj County, and represented another great tourist destination from the Cluj County. Besides the very special building, if you get to Dabaca Fortress, your eyes will also be delighted by the hundreds of years old trees.


In order to get to Dabaca, you go north from Cluj on DN 1C, turning left at Fundatura and you go 10 kilometres more on a county road. The distance from the town to destination is about 40 kilometres.


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