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Dacian Pottery Kilns

Dacian Pottery Kilns
Mediesul Aurit

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The Romanian people history begins with the one of the Dacians, the first people who lived on the territory of our country. And if you want to know your origins, your best option is to make a trip to Satu Mare County, in the Mediesu Aurit town, where there is an important centre of pottery dating from the Dacian period.


Mediesu Aurit town is located on the Somes River shore, about 22 kilometres away from the city of Satu Mare. Mediesu Aurit is known since the thirteenth century, due to the famous Medies fortress, which can also be seen nowadays, or to the Lonynai castle.


Access is quite simple, from Satu Mare going on the county road 192 until after Babasesti town, when you turn left on the county road 195 until Mediesu Aurit.


The Dacian kilns for which this village is famous, have been discovered since 1964, the 17 artefacts found then becoming reservation officially only in 1970. Later on, as the years passed and the technology developed, the number of found kilns exceeded 150, making Mediesu Aurit the biggest centre of its kind in Central Europe.


The reservation area is about 15 hectares, but is in continuous development because the archaeologists are working on this open site.


According to experts, in ancient times there was formed a ceramic production centre, specialized in manufacturing large supplies vessels during 1st to 4th Centuries, as the area was not occupied by Romans.


The Mediesu Aurit kilns are unique in Europe because of their size, sometimes exceeding 2 m in diameter. Thus, the archaeologists say that large vessels for supplies were manufactured here, the marketplace having even a few hundred kilometres.


The discoveries attest without a doubt the Dacian presence in this area, having been inhabited by the Roman ancestors even before the wars with the Roman Empire.


A visit to Mediesu Auris is almost mandatory for those who want to know their history and their origin, as the pottery centre is the indisputable proof for the presence of civilization on the territory of Romania of our days since the ancient times.

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