Dobresti Vida Karstic Area

Dobresti Vida Karstic Area

Geomorphological elements

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The Dobresti-Vida karstic area represents a very special place within the entirety of karstic areas in Bihor County, especially due to the impressive number of springs and karstic intermittent springs, those threads of water which gush out of the rock.


Its unique characteristics indicate the intense karstic activity of this part of the country, especially of Vida keys, the widest of Apuseni Mountains, with a length of over 10 kilometres.


On the slopes of this valley there are numerous caves and caverns, such as Cubles cave or Giloasa aven. But they all go to the Vida reservoir, a true cornerstone of a unique landscape.


The whole area is very popular for tourists, mountaineers, but also for fishermen and water sports lovers which can be practiced in optimum conditions on Vida Lake.


At the end of a forest road of about 27 kilometres, starting from Dobresti, on DR12, towards Tileagd up to the road linking Rosia to Alsed, the tourists will discover a wonderful area, near the Luncasprie village, in Padurea Craiului Mountains.


The reservoir having a 10 meters high weir as dam, spreading over 70 meters length, manages to collect 400,000 cubic meters of water, whose waves change colour depending on the season and the reflections of the dense forest that surrounds the water.


For excellent walking on the lakeside, you have a forest road that surrounds it at your disposal, thus giving you the opportunity to walk slowly, away from the pavement, along the edge of a truly spectacular brilliance of water.
And while you’re close by you can also visit the most important cultural landmark of the area – the Luncasprie church, a historical monument, built at the end of the seventeenth century, as well as the First and the Second World War Heroes Monument of Dobresti.


Tourists can stay in many two and three-star hostels of Luncasprie, at prices starting from 100 lei for one night. In the area there are many villas, which can be rented completely for a weekend, an experience that will certainly be unforgettable, whether you go fishing, or just want to relax in the nature, in one of the places where it has outdone itself.


If you want to make sure you arrive at Vida Lake easily without you getting lost on the forest road, set the following GPS coordinates: 46.86094 N, 22.30929 E.

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