Emil Isac Museum

Emil Isac Museum



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Cluj houses, undoubtedly, some of the most beautiful museums and memorial houses in Romania. In the great cultural centre we can also find the museum dedicated to Emil Isac, a prominent figure of the progressive Transylvanian literature of the twentieth century.


The memorial house is situated on the street named after the famous poet and politician – Emil Isac (who lived from 1881 to 1954). In this building in Cluj the poet lived and created for more than five decades.


During this period, famous characters have crossed the threshold of his house. Among them is worth mentioning Ion Luca Caragiale, George Coşbuc, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu.


La umbra plopilor” (“In the shadow of poplars”), written in 1903, was the author’s debut poem, and then followed several collaborations with specialty magazines of the time, bringing him a fruitful career. Pe langa apa care trece” (“Passing by the flowing water”), “Ochii tai albastri” (“Your blue eyes”) or “Mama” (“Mother”) are poems which made Emil Isac famous on the Romanian literature scene.


The author did discover, as a student at the Faculty of Law in Cluj, the humanitarian and progressive ideas. It was in the same period when he became an advocate for the cause of the working class.


In 1954, the author passed away, leaving behind poems that can be raised with pride to the status of masterpieces. A year later, the house where he lived has been transformed into a museum in order to offer future generations the opportunity to enter, for a few moments, the universe of Emil Isac, but also the one of the poet’s father.


The Memorial Museum is composed of three rooms, which reconstruct the poet’s life. In the first room there are exhibited relevant documents, including letters, but also his birth certificate on the name of Emiliu Pompiliu Virgil Isac.
The atmosphere is even more exciting, because visitors can admire the vintage photos presented in this first room.


Then follows the room where the poet works are exhibited, and finally, in the third room those who visit the Memorial Museum can see Emil Isac work desk.


There is also an impressive library, which contains over 1,700 volumes. Many of the books, both in Romanian and Hungarian, show written on them the authors’ dedications for Emil Isac.

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