Fabric Workshops

Fabric Workshops

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A visit to so-called “Country of Beius”, located in the Beius Municipality is not complete without calling on the famous fabric workshops in Dobresti, Rosia and Dragoteni towns. In Bihor County, at less than an hour walk from the Oradea residence, there is a picturesque area, where the locals have managed to keep alive at least a part of the old Romanian traditions.


Traditional crafts, such as spinning, warping, “navadit” (at the weaving loop with threads and comb), weaving or sewing, have made their way through the ages, as well as the symbols represented by the templates from the fabrics. An important tradition exists here transmitted from the ancestors, related to the manufacture of towels, tablecloths, embroidery or traditional costumes.


Moreover, the folk costumes, maybe the most important representative of Romanian traditional fabric, can be admired “live” in this area of “Land of Beius”; it is worn with pride by locals at various artistic events organized throughout the year.


Women work in these workshops painstakingly, using ancient techniques. There is a great demand for the veils “Maramele” (very thin home-spun head-kerchief) coming out of their skilful hands from the city tourists arrived to visit these places.


The women workers take pride in knowing how to appreciate what is old in the Romanian art and they also earn some money from the results of their hands.


The most beautiful of the fabrics made ​​in this area are taken to the Folk Craftsmen Fair at Country of Crisuri Museum.


Besides the weaving workshops, the area of these three localities, Dobresti, Rosia and Dragoteni, is extraordinarily rich in monuments or places not to be missed, with many churches dating even from the fifteenth century, museums, traditional Romanian houses or traditions that still go on (for example, “incondeiatul” Easter eggs dying) enchanting the visitors, especially the foreigners who are just taking contact with the Romanian culture.


The best time to visit is near Easter, when annually, in Dragoteni, there is held a competition for eggs decoration in the Good Friday.


If you want to go to Dobresti, Rosia or Dragoteni, you only need to go from Oradea and follow DN 76, linking the Bihor County residence to the Deva.


In the area there are many guesthouses so you can extend your visits here for several days, so you do not miss an objective. Besides, the Beius town is located “at a stone’s throw”, so there are many options for spending your holiday and you will certainly not have any moment of boredom.

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