Fanatele Clujului

Fanatele Clujului
Fanatele Clujului



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Fanatele Clujului is a natural reserve located near Cluj Napoca city, at 5-6 kilometres distance, which makes it extremely accessible to the wide public.


The specificity of this area is given by steppe vegetation, similar to that of Asia or Eastern Europe, where hundreds of plant species, some of them protected, can be found.


It is strange the presence of these steppe plants in a geographical region where the climate does not correspond to the one of the areas where they usually grow. The specialists’ explanation is the Fanatele Clujului are oases of stepped vegetation kept almost intact from an ancient, warmer and drier, period when Siberian species migrated towards Occident and got to us.


The Botanical Reserve has a total area of ​​several tens of hectares and is composed of three protected areas. The reservation is divided into two sectors by Fanatelor Valley (Calda Valley). The northern part is called Coparsaie and the southern one – Craiu’s Valley.


Fanatele Clujului came to the specialists’ attention from the beginning of last century, and since then they have been fighting to protect this area.
Since 1925, an area of 7.5 hectares of Fanatele Clujului was designated protected area, being even fenced in order to limit the damages caused by people or animals that would have entered in that area.


Unfortunately, since 1950, an important part of the area has been sacrificed by the communist administration, and instead of the steppe vegetation the arable land appeared.


Access to the Fanatele Clujului Reserve is relatively simple. From Cluj, the Iris neighbourhood area, going on Fanatelor Valley Street, the one the “cuts” Sfantul Gheorghe (Saint George) Hill.


From the crest of the hill, the view is superb: the city is located at the south and it can be seen entirely from above, and the massive landslides (glimee) can be seen at the north, also called “coparsaie” (coffins) by locals because of the specific form, from the Bogomaia Hill.


The road is rather good up to the reservation, but on the inside it is not arranged at all, so it is recommended to be crossed by foot or by bike in order to be able to enjoy the view completely.


The best period of the year to cross Fanatele is obviously the late spring, in May, when you have the opportunity to admire the entire group of plants, some of them even unique.


And when you have been conquered by the harmony of colours and incredible landscape, you will definitely return at the earliest opportunity to Fanatele Clujului.

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