Firiza Lake

Firiza Lake

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Firiza is the name of a reservoir located near Baia Mare which attracts annually a lot of passionate fishermen, but not only. Located slightly above the village Izvoarelor, in Firiza town, the lake with the same name was formed in 1964 when a dam was installed on the course of the river with the same name. Presently the lake has a length of 3 km and a width of one kilometre.


Initially the lake was built as a water supply source for Baia Mare city, but it has also become quickly an entertainment area. For this reason, if you want to not be too crowded, you should avoid the summer weekends, because the people from Baia Mare jostle their way in order to occupy a place on the lake side.


How to get there? If you go on DN 18 Baia Mare – Sighet route, around kilometre 3, you go towards the lake following the indicator. From here, only 8 km more separate you from the dam. The last part of the road is narrow, full of tight winding roads, even though the holes seem to have been mended.


Once there, it is unlikely to get bored, because the landscape is really wonderful, with trees on the lake side knocked down in the water, and afforested hills all around.


A tourist in search for adrenaline can have fun by taking a ride with the boat, canoeing, by ATV or with off-road enduro races.


However the main attraction is fishing. Trout, catfish and bream are only three species of fish that can be found in Firiza Lake. But note that the fishing is only allowed in the period May 1st to October 10th and you will also need approval. Fishing tickets, but also boats to rent can be found at the guesthouses nearby.


Moreover, the local authorities organize periodically fishing competitions on Firiza Lake, enjoying a great success especially among the locals.


No need to worry about accommodation because you have plenty of choices in the area, since there are several guesthouses and chalets providing comfortable conditions. Besides you should not leave until you try the traditional food of the area. You can even spend the night on the lake, camping.


And since you are here, you can stop at the climatic resort Izvoarele, where you get through the Black Valley (Valea Neagra), but the road is quite difficult.

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