Bistrita Nasaud

Grota Zanelor Cave

Grota Zanelor Cave
Muntii Rodnei

Geomorphological elements

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Located in the Rodna Mountains, Grota Zanelor Cave belongs to the territory of Bistrita-Nasaud county. The grotto boasts with a length of almost 4.3 km, lying over the sea, somewhere at the 1527 meters, and it also has a bump of over 110 meters.


We can mark it even better, as the western slope of Tarnitei Prelucii is where its entrance can be found, the cave being carved in marl and crystalline limestone. If you go for the first time in the area, try not to venture, especially if you are for the first time in a cave.


About Grota Zanelor (Fairy Grotto) is said to have one of the largest ramification coefficients in Romania. And if you thought there was a place where the outlaws were hiding from authorities, well, this “hiding” was found and presented to the world just 23 years ago, by Iosif Viehman who was the one who discovered it. Since there has been quite a little while since people have entered it for the first time, geologists and speleologists have not yet managed to cast a critical eye in order to opine.


The entrance to the cave is very narrow and allows entering by only one man. You will have to make some effort if you want to get there, because that area is part of a mountains chain not so easily accessible, or actually more difficult to walk, as they are the highest in the Eastern Carpathians.


The cave is not even arranged for visitation purposes, so if you get there you will do it on your own risk.


As accessibility, the cave is quite far from the closest accommodation places in the area, and we are talking about a few kilometres away even from access roads. The closest to this cave are national roads 17C, 17D and 18. The nearest town which has a certain reputation is Sangeorz Bai.

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