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Lala Mare Lake

Lala Mare Lake
Muntii Rodnei

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If you are a person who loves the hikes on the mountain or you simply look for a place where to escape from the suffocating city, the Lala Mare Lake is the perfect destination.


It is located in the Eastern Carpathians, in Rodna Mountains, at almost 1,800 meters altitude in a glacial valley. The lake is part of the Mixed Reservation “Ineu-Lala” and it also has a younger/smaller sibling nearby, the Lala Mic Lake.


In order to admire Lala Mare, the largest glacial lake in the Rodna Mountains (over 5,000 square meters), you must have very good physical condition and proper equipment, because the last part of the road is only accessible by foot and you must reach 1,800 meters height.


The route begins on DN 17C, going until Rodna and Sant. From there, you turn on a forest road near the river Bistrita on which you will travel around six kilometres by car.


From this point on, where you can see a tourist indicator, you can start a hike of two hours – two hours and a half, ending with a simply wonderful landscape. However, the climbing could be quite difficult through rocks and juniper trees.


The Lala Lake, a crystal tear within the Eastern Carpathians landscape, appears in its entire splendour: Ineu Peak on top, dominating the entire area and on the bottom, the valley which takes your breath away due to the beauty of the landscape.


The trout is not missing from the waters of the lake. Besides the lake, in this area the tourists can admire the rhododendrons, a rather rare mountain plant.


The route can be continued towards Lala Mic Lake and even further, up to Ineu Peak.


If you venture to the top, take into account that there are no chalets on the mountain, therefore you should calculate your time including the descent by the sunset. Of course, except the case when you are the kind of tourist with your house on your back, in which case you can install your tent next to one of the lakes, Lala Mare or Lala Mic .


If you choose this option, you must know that in the night the temperature decreases a lot in this ridge area and is absolutely necessary to have a sleeping bag and warm clothes.


Although at first glance the area seems inaccessible because it cannot be reached by car, but only by foot, Lala Mare Lake area is one of the most beautiful in the Carpathian Mountains, and most of those who have been there, surely returned later on.


If you want a longer trip, you can find accommodation in Ciocanesti – Carlibaba area, and from here you can establish other routes in Rodna Mountains.

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