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Lala Mic Lake

Lala Mic Lake
Muntii Rodnei

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The Lala Mic Lake is a spot of water located in Rodna Mountains, below Ineu Peak, at 1,900 meter altitude.


Lala Mic is the stunted sibling of Lala Mare Lake, not very far from the former, located in a glacial valley within the mixed Reservation Ineu-Lala platform, as well.


The Lala stream starts from Lala Mic Lake and flows into Lala Mare, from where it runs down among the rocks to the valley.


If you get to one of the lakes, you cannot stop there, but you must see both of them.


How to get to the platform? You go on DN 17C up to Nasaud, then on DN 17D to Rodna. Next there is a curve on a forest road near Bistrita River on which you can travel about six kilometres by car.


After Rodna town, there follows a true mountain route, not recommended to the tourists with breathing problems and without footwear adequate for rock climbing. On foot, you will then make your way towards Capul Benes, Saua Curtel, Saua Ineut and Lala Lake.


From Lala Mare Lake you will continue going up for a half an hour more and you will get to the “little brother” Lala Mic, with a depth of only half meter. However this does not prevent some feeble trout to live in its waters.


Once arrived on the shores of Lala Mic Lake, you will be amazed at the wonderful sight, at the greatness of Ineu peak that gives you a headache from too much looking up.


On the perimeter of Lala Mic Lake many beautiful flowers grow, some rare and protected (such as edelweiss) or you can see the mountain lizards lying in the sun, birch cocks or even with luck you will surprise the flight of an eagle.


The trip made ​​in this area can continue up until the Ineu peak, where there is no chalet or mountain retreat, but you can camp anywhere on the plateau. The mountain lovers remain overnight in tents in this sublime and pure place.


Since you are in Rodna Mountains, maybe the most spectacular mountains of the Eastern Carpathians, you could stay for a longer period. In a few days you can try several tourist routes of the mixed Reservation Ineu-Lala.


They all have as starting point Rodna commune and they continue with Valea Vinului (Valley of Wine) – Izvorul Bailor (Baths Spring) – Curatel Peak – Saua cu Lac –Ineu Peak or Capul Benesului Peak – Curatel Mountain – Saua cu Lac –Lala Valley – Gura Lalei.


Although the area is not as famous as Prahova Valley or Apuseni, it is extraordinary and most of the people who had already seen it, did not hesitate a bit when they had the opportunity to return to these places again.

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