Bistrita Nasaud

Maglei Cave

Maglei Cave
Muntii Rodnei

Geomorphological elements

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This cave, as well as Grota Zanelor, is also in the Rodna Mountains area, except that the former is in Maramures, exactly at the boundary between the county and Bistrita Nasaud. Besides, it is quite close to Izvorul Tausoarelor, but a little to the north.


As the area is named, the cave is near the Izvorul Maglei (Maglei Spring). It is not known much information about the cave in question, except the shape is of a vertical shaft with a depth of 6 meters ending in a rather small room.


The nearest town to the cave is Borsa, and the only closest road that goes nearby to a certain extent is National Road 18.


The route to Maglei Cave is not as complicated as one would imagine, you only have to ask the people of Borsa and they will certainly direct you to the location. It is important to be armed with some patience, good boots, if you are on foot, and if not, a strong car equipped with good wheels is required in order to cope with the rough terrain.


The road to the cave is not easy to cross and you probably will not want to get stuck up in the mountains by car.


Anyway, the good part is that the respective areal is something worth seeing, even if you cannot find the cave; the mountains landscape will surely take your breath away. Besides, the karstic phenomenon is always in evolution and it can be observed in the respective areal (of the cave) – formation of a new rock with a special structure as stalactites and stalagmites.


Here you can take the role of Japanese tourists seriously and try to take as better pictures as possible, but also on the entire Rodna Massif, which is by far the highest of the Eastern Carpathians and the most difficult to climb.


In the area there are other caves worth visiting such as: Jgheabul lui Zalion Cave (Zalion’s Groove), Izvorul Albastru al Izei Cave (Blue Spring of Iza), Baia lui Schneider Cave (Schneider’s Mine) and Laptelui Cave (Dairy Cave).

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