Satu Mare

Mediesul Aurit Reservation

Mediesul Aurit Reservation
Mediesul Aurit



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Mediesu Aurit (Place of the Golden Sour Cherry) of Satu Mare County is the ideal place for lovers of history, as a good alternative where to escape from the urban scenery.


Here you can find the archaeological reservation “Dacian Ovens from Mediesu Aurit”, located in an enchanting landscape at an altitude of 160 meters on the right bank of the Somes River and just 35 km from Satu-Mare.


The Medisu Aurit name comes from the sour cherry orchard that was in the area (megy in Hungarian – hence Medieş) and from the local medieval castle, which had a room adorned with gold.


Besides the fact that Mediesu Aurit is, undoubtedly, a splendid natural refuge, the first Dacian kilns were unearthed here; they were used for the ceramic items production and burning, both the ritual and the household ones. Moreover, recently, between 2009 and 2010, there were found the most such ovens across Central Europe.


Archaeological excavations have revealed over 150 unique ovens, almost 2,000 years old. Satu Mare County Museum restored seven ovens with a diameter of over two meters having an invaluable historical value.


For the protection of the site, the ovens could be covered with a glass dome in the future. Furthermore, in order to preserve these findings, the kilns for pottery were included in a cross-border project. However, for now some locked doors and wire mesh are the only protective measures for each oven.


Unfortunately, the panel indicating the “Dacian Ovens from Mediesu Aurit” is too brief and does not contain updated information which should describe the archaeological discoveries in the recent years. There are not many road signs either, despite the excellent conditions of the access road.


Going away from the archaeological reservation and after you’ve made ​​a strong opinion about the meaning and the occupation of a thousands of years old civilization, you can also choose another destination in the area: Lonyai Castle, built in the seventeenth century, during the Renaissance, with four wings, prism-shaped bastions and a central courtyard.


And if you have other hobbies such as fishing, swimming or even water sports, you can satisfy them in the centres arranged near Mediesu Aurit, on the right flank of the Somes River. Iojib and Apa towns can be taken as a reference point for those who are not from around the area.

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