Museum of Archaeology and History

Museum of Archaeology and History
Baia Mare


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For those who want to know how the population of Maramures evolved, the Museum of History and Archaeology of Baia Mare is the right destination.


The institution held, initially, the name of the Urban Museum and it is currently operating in the former mint of Baia Mare. The Old Centre of Baia Mare town houses the imposing building of the Museum of History and Archaeology, located on a narrow street, similar to the medieval ones, the building being considered a historic monument.


Over time, representatives of the institution had gathered valuable objects and historic evidences, dating from ancient times till nowadays. “Treasures of the Bronze Age in Northern Transylvania” is the name, rightfully given to the first collection of archaeological pieces from the museum.


The objects discovered in the funerary necropolis as a result of archaeological excavations performed ​​at Lapus represent the piece de resistance, dating back to the Bronze era. But more appealing to visitors is the collection of medieval weapons. Grating shirts, chains, swords or the city broadsword can all be admired at the museum.


The intense cultural activity carried out by those who lived in the previous period is revealed by the library with old books. From this collection are not missing photos or documents from the time of important local cultural personalities.


The collection of historical pieces is not of less importance. Museum visitors can make an idea of how medieval civilizations used to carry out their activity especially because they have a chance to look at objects used even in the XIV century, well preserved and maintained by representatives of the Museum in Baia Mare.


Since mining was the basis of the economic development in the area, it was natural to be represented in this museum with a collection of approximately thousand pieces. The museum institution has not forgotten the watches lovers either, dedicating them a collection of more than 300 such items, or the sport lovers – the museum holding an exhibition of medals and trophies.


The Treasury Department of the Museum has a special status; here can be seen gold and silver objects dating from the Bronze Age, but also Roman and medieval coins of precious metal. If the Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 17, this section on the other hand has a short program – only on Thursdays, between 10 and 14.


The Museum of History and Archaeology, inaugurated more than a century ago, is certainly a benchmark not only in Maramures, but nationwide.

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