Satu Mare

Oas Country Museum

Oas Country Museum
Negresti Oas


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Oas Country has kept many folk traditions, and the Romanians living in the villages here seem to live in another age. If you do not have time to roam around the area, you can visit Oas County Museum, located in Negresti Oas, Satu Mare County.


The museum covers approximately 1.5 hectares. Do not think about huge halls filled with shelves and displays. This huge area is due to the outdoor section, of extreme importance from ethnography and tradition point of view.


The Oas County Museum looks a lot like the Village Museum in Bucharest, except it is not as wide, and it was established with the purpose to depict a typical Oas town as authentically as possible.


Here the tourist has the opportunity to admire the old Romanian houses, with the afferent households of Negresti, Racs or Moiseni, over 200 years old.


Inside the houses you will find hand-woven items, such as blankets, carpets, but also folk costumes. In addition, you will be amazed by the old icons painted on glass and wood, the broken furniture from the folktales, with the bread ovens that almost make you feel the steam and the fragrance of the fresh baked products, dowry chests that still retain the girls’ excitement when filling them with love for use after the wedding, the pottery used in the kitchen or for decoration.


You can also find a section that contains technical installations, still working, so it is half a museum, and half an integrant part of the locals’ daily life. Here you will see people who come to grind grain or to clean and process their wool.


In addition, Oas County Museum is the only place where the famous ceramics of Vama is still manufactured.


Inside there is also a traditional inn, a place where the strongest fruit brandy is prepared, but also a workshop where the so picturesque “gube” (thick long-haired coats) are made, which everybody was proudly wearing in the old times.


The wooden church of Lechinta is a very old building with religious and cultural significance, dating from the beginning of the 17th century.


The museum is not far from Negresti-Oas downtown, near DN 19, which connects Satu Mare and Sighetu Marmatiei.


The danger when visiting this museum is that you could be enchanted by the atmosphere encountered here, by the small adobe houses with thatched roof, and that you might want to escape the urban bustle, the deafening sound of the modern world and you would want to retire in this corner from another world.

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