Bistrita Nasaud

Poiana cu narcise (The Daffodils Glade)

Poiana cu narcise
Muntele Saca


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If you go to Rodna Mountains at the end of June, there is a destination you cannot miss: The Daffodils Glade on Saca Mountain.


We are talking about the botanical reservation located at the highest altitude, almost 1,600 meters, on the eastern slope of the mountain which belongs to Rodna Veche commune.


The village which is the closest to this reservation has a suggestive name, Valea Vinului (the Valley of the Wine) and from here commences the road to the daffodils glade.


There are two options in order to get to the glade – you can go west towards Popii Hill or you can go on Secii Valley and then on the south side of Popii Hill, up to Saca Peak. But arm yourselves with patience – this route can take even three hours.


The daffodils we can see on markets in spring do not look at all like those which can be found on the mountain, if you decide to wander on one of the many glades with daffodils in our country. The wild daffodils, protected in these reservations, are more fragile, smaller and cuter. It is also the case of the daffodils from Bistrita Nasaud.


Even though the daffodils are flowers which predominate on Saca Mountain, you can also meet other species, some of them very rare, such as hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) or edelweiss.


That is why the mountain gendarmes, more exactly the guards of the Rodna Mountains National Park, recommend the tourists not to enter in the middle of the flowers and step on them.


Moreover, the authorities became involved in this area in order to protect the nature and to provide the tourists unforgettable moments.


There is a package offered by the Administration of Rodna Mountains National Park, in the period when the daffodils bloom, which includes accommodation, meals and horseback rides up to the mountain with daffodils for nature loving tourists. Several pure-breed horses have already been taken to the area for this program.


If you want a ride on the mountain, about 5 hours on the saddle, you will cross about 6 kilometres from the Valley of the Wine up to the glade, then by Izvorul Rosu and back on Secii Valley.


This reservation with its aspect of a fairy tale landscape received its statute in 2000 and it stretches on about five hectares, being supervised and monitored through GPS system.


The modern technique tells specialists how much the flowers have expanded on the mountain. And since you are already here, it is worth taking a round through Baia lui Schneider (Schneider’s Mine) Cave located nearby.

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