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Transylvania has a vast tourist offer, but for those who want to escape the crowdedness, the flash-lights of the cameras and guides, Rodna Fortress, although an archaeological site not valued at its true potential – seems to be an oasis of perfect silence.


On the superior course of Somesul Mare (Great Somes) River, right at the foot of Rodna Mountain, we can see now, when the years have left their mark, only some walls in need for consolidation. However, you do not need to have a very rich imagination in order to view and to contemplate, at the same time, the greatness of the old citadel.


Located in Bistrita-Nasaud County, in the commune with the same name, the area that holds now what remained of Rodna Fortress seems to have been inhabited ever since the Stone Age.


The picks and axes found here from the early 1900’s are historical proofs. The objects possessing such huge historical value were sent then to Brukental – the Museum of Sibiu, for authentication. But later on, during the Second World War, their trace was lost. On the other hand, the minutes of receipt for the picks and axes remained.


The first historic attestation of the fortress was only made later on, in 1235. The Russian chronicles of the time wrote that in Rodna there was a mining centre of great importance. The silver objects forged here with great skill were appreciated including at the court of the Polish-Ukrainian Dukes, but also of the Hungary King.


The Rodna Fortress – a medieval jewel – has a rich history. It was rebuilt hundreds of years later by Petru Rares in the 16th century.


The specialists’ attention was focused on the citadel at the foot of Rodna Mountains only a few years ago, when they attempted to find out the period when the foundation was set. The verdict given by the specialists pointed out that Rodna Fortress is a medieval fortress, even though it bears such a heavy history.


Unfortunately, nowadays, there is nothing left from the splendour of the fortress, except some ruins which, according to the specialists, belong to the Dominican Church.


The silence, the mountain fresh air and the historic significance make Rodna Fortress the perfect tourist destination for those who are tired of the noise and the sea of dust and concrete of the big cities.

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