Roman Lake

Roman Lake

Lakes and barrages

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It can be said that Turda would not have existed on the map if it were not blessed with having the Roman Lake, its arrangement representing the starting point for the development of the entire region.


The Roman Lake, as well as the other lakes in the area, is in fact an ancient salt exploitation area, which throughout the years, has filled with water.


The location in a wonderful landscape, but especially the curative properties of the water have determined the famous pharmacist of those times, Lajos Velits and Dr. Jozsef Hanko to arrange it for the patients to be able to follow various treatments here.


Everything happened in 1834, but along those over 170 years, several renovations took place here resulting in a modern swimming pool nowadays, where relaxation and treatment go hand in hand. Especially patients with rheumatism say that after a dip in the Roman Lake they feel much better.


It is recommended only for those who can swim because the average depth is three meters and a half, while the bottom of the lake can play tricks on you, as it has numerous hollows. The water has a rich concentration of sodium chloride, which is very salty and therefore good for the organism.


The interesting part is that on the bottom of this lake a layer of grey and sandy mud was discovered, on top of the salt, measuring even 80 centimetres in thickness.


The road from Bucharest to Turda is very beautiful, passing through Pitesti, Ramnicu Valcea, Sibiu and Alba Iulia. Once in Turda, you cannot miss the complex of lakes – the Salt Baths, because there are many signs, but especially people willing to help you at once, as soon as they see you a little lost, even if you do not ask.


You do not have to worry about finding a deck chair at the swimming pool, as a number of 8,000 people can stay around the Roman Lake, without disturbing one another. At the swimming pool you can also find terraces where you can have a cold beer, but also healthy juices, unless you prefer to take them on the deck chair, where the umbrellas will protect you from the sun rays.


In the area there are many hotels and guesthouses where besides a soft and hot bed, you can also find traditional food, with a flavour that cannot be described in words, which will surely be appreciated after a day spent at the salty swimming pool – the water is known to increase appetite.


But the best part is that you will experience all these wonderful things within a background as if taken out of a fairy tale, where the forests have a raw green colour, reflecting proudly their faces in the mirrors of the healing lakes.

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