Salt Lake

Salt Lake
Ocna Sugatag

Lakes and barrages


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Maramures is a fairy tale area, but this is not a secret for anybody, whether you have been there, you have heard from friends or you have just seen pictures.


After winding roads passing through green forests and lovely villages, where every colourful household seems a museum itself, less than 20 kilometres from Sighetu Marmatiei, on DN18, you enter the little town Ocna Sugatag.


The speed limit will not interest you any longer, because you will drive as slowly as possible in order to admire the landscapes overwhelming you.


After you come to your senses from the reverie, it is time to seek the destinations offered by this small town, and for this purpose the salt lakes of Ocna Sugatag are a true jewel of Maramures.


Due to the salt exploitation mines that operated here but which collapsed in time and to the mineral springs that traverse the lands, the water was able to find bed in order to form salt water spots, including Gabriel Lake, unique in Europe.


If you look at pictures with Gabriel Lake, you will be a little confused, because, although it is a lake with a high salt concentration, you’ll see tourists with the fishing rod waiting for a fish.


How is this possible? It is simple, another wonder of the nature, above the lake being a fresh water film fed by the surrounding springs making the aquatic life possible.


And if you think about the stretch of road that seems detached from science fiction films, a few kilometres from Ocna Sugatag, in Cavnic, where due to strong magnetic forces the objects seem to move by themselves in the hill, you can conclude that the whole area is magical.


The Salt Lake Complex has its own beach, a salt water pool, and tourists can rent ski jets and water bicycles in order to take a ride on the lake or an ATV to explore the surroundings.


And when you feel like taking a break, you can treat yourself with traditional dishes from Maramures, which will delight your senses with every bite and enjoy the famous brandy that will warm your soul and … mind.

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