Bistrita Nasaud

Tausoare-Zalion Reserve

Tausoare-Zalion Reserve


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The Tausoare-Zalion Reserve is a karstic complex located in the afforested area of Rodna Mountains, Bistrita Nasaud County.


The reservation is formed of two caves, named Izvorul Tausoarelor and Jgheabul lui Zalion. The complex is certified as monument of nature because there are gypsum crystals, but also thanks to fossils of insects and bats which were found there.


Besides, Izvorul Tausoarelor is known to the caverns amateurs as the cave with the greatest difference in level in our country – namely over 450 meters depth.


Its sibling, Jgheabul lui Zalion, is much more spectacular, thanks to the many waterfalls flowing down its walls. A trip to Tausoare-Zalion Reserve should last at least two days, so that the tourist could have enough time to visit the two caves in the complex.


Access is relatively easy, the closest main city being Bistrita. From here, you can go on DN 17C until Rebrisoara town, where there are several access routes to the two caves, as follows: For the first of them – Izvorul Tausoarelor – you can go from Rebrisoara on Gersa Valley up to the cave or on the route: Rebrisoara-Rebra-Parva-Izvorul Barlei Valley-cave.


One can also get there by continuing the DN 17C route through Salva and Telciu towns and then through Telcisorului Valley up to the cave.


Jgheabul lui Zalion Cave is close to Paraul Orbului springs and it is also accessible on two routes: through Telcisor, Telcisorului valley and Seaca valley up to the cave, or through Parva town, then on Rebra Valley, Rea Valley, Obcina Rebrisorului up to the cave.


Comparatively, if Izvorul Tausoarelor Cave has a length of about 20 kilometres, the other cavern is much smaller, stretching on about 4.500 meters.


In Izvorul Tausoarelor, the cave situated at nearly 1,000 meters altitude, the visitor will enter into some long, narrow galleries and will go through large halls. Jgheabul lui Zalion is a shorter and less deep cave.


Tausoare-Zalion Reserve is a perfect destination for a weekend in which you want to experience a less popular route, but quite spectacular and which will provide plenty of surprises.

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