The “Flutur” Ethnographic Museum

The Flutur Etnographic Museum


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In Chiscau Village of Bihor County, not far from the Ursilor Cave (Bears Cave), there is an extremely well organized private museum, containing valuable ethnographic elements.


Without this museum, many of the exhibits there would have been lost somewhere in the nothingness, together with them disappearing part of the history and cultural wealth of the Romanians. If you should have the curiosity to step into this valuable place, you will see over 2,000 objects collected during 30 years.


Among the most interesting exhibits is an agricultural notched stick dating from 1860, nothing of this kind can be found in the entire Europe, but also a steam engine produced in Hungary, which was made at ​​the early twentieth century and which can still be used.


Each object has its own history. You will also find in the Museum of Chiscau pottery objects, paintings, old and unique stamps or priceless coins.


The entry fee for this private museum is not even a topic, the museum exists to make these samples of human evolution, technology, culture and Romanian tradition known to the people, so all you have to do is come here with a smile on your lips and willing to hear many stories and histories full of charm.


For the tourists who want to spend several days in this area of ​​Bihor, the area also offers accommodation in a rustic atmosphere, where you can enjoy all the comfort, and many traditional dishes.


You can get to Chiscau by starting from Oradea towards Deva on DN 76, and at km 86 you go on a county road that takes you to the town you are looking for after about 15 kilometres.

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