The Blue Lake

Blue Lake
Baia Sprie

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You have been near Baia Sprie and you have not visited the Blue Lake? Well, then it is time to go back or to schedule a new visit in the area as soon as possible.


The Blue Lake is probably the only lake in Europe which changes colour depending on the outdoors light or the persons swimming in it. There is no other with the same characteristics here or anywhere else.


Formed after the collapse of an old non-ferrous ores mine, the lake has a length of 50 meters and a depth of no more than 4 meters. Certainly not the size or the depth is the attractions of the lake, but the colour that changes constantly.


When the mine collapsed in 1920 was flooded, due to the sulphide, the water got a strong shade of green. Even if water is sulphurous, there is no danger to health when swimming in it. The truth is that the lake is even nicer if the swimmers invade its wilderness. The colour of the water colour changes then and it becomes blue, hence the name.


Over time, the lake, declared a natural monument a quarter of century ago, became a favourite place for people in love, who can spend unforgettable moments here.


For the landscape to be completely charming, the lake is surrounded by a forest where you can have a barbecue with your friends and / or family.


Many tourists are attracted to the Blue Lake because of the changing colour, but also because man has not left its mark on it too much yet. No concrete banks, lounge chairs or umbrellas, just a stretch of water and complete silence.


Although they enjoy a beautiful view and plenty of tourists, the locals are worried that the mine from which the lake was formed is much deeper, and the earth might break down again. The local legend says that the lake actually lies underground, away from the visitor’s eyes, through unknown galleries up to the Black Sea. It is not likely, but the local people tell this story with great conviction.


The accommodation on the lake area is not a problem, there are plenty guesthouses where you can relax like nowhere else, enjoy traditional food and try the pottery workshop, another very popular tourist spot. However if you want a little adventure, as well, then you can venture into an ATV race.


The distance between Bucharest and Baia Sprie is 561 kilometres, and from this town there are only 3 kilometres to cross in order to get to the wonderful Blue Lake.

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