The Bobota Museum

The Bobota Museum



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Bobota common of Salaj County is the place where two great personalities of the Romanian people were born, Gheorghe Sincai and Corneliu Coposu.


Located at 35 kilometres from Salaj and 23 from Simleu Silvaniei, Bobota is the host of Sincai-Coposu Cultural Centre, in the memory of the two characters who marked its existence.


This museum opened its doors for the first time in 1998, due to the goodwill and struggle of the teachers and cultural people of the commune, who wanted to boast about the received legacy.


The cultural centre has several rooms, each of them paying homage to the personalities who were born nearby. The first one is arranged so as to look like a traditional Romanian room, with entrance hall, oven, ethno-folkloric items, antiques of great historical significance, showing you exactly how people used to live in the old days.


You can see furniture that you will never find in any modern home, such as the “arareu”, a closet built inside the wall, serving to keep the objects used in the kitchen.


The traditional costumes that you will be fortunate to see are very old, dating from the years 1910-1950. They are all unique and handmade by the skill and dedication the women of that time possessed, making from traditional clothes a true work of art, by devoting day after day of meticulousness.


You will also find ceramics of different colours, shapes and patterns, and you will surely see the classic dowry chest, which was not missing from any woman’s wealth.


Then you will enter the “George Sincai” room, which houses many photographs and documents explaining his life and work. You will find out that the commune school was established due to him and that Sincai was the one who translated some invaluable documents, which have contributed to the education of the Romanians, such as Grammar, ABC Book and Catechism.


In “Corneliu Coposu” room you will learn information starting from his childhood until the last moments of his life, but also the genealogy of his family, as there is a detailed family tree.


The photos will help you understand the influence this man had, because he was close to Iuliu Maniu or to His Majesty Michael I King of the Romanians frequently in a critical period of our history. Everything is placed in chronological order, so you can learn about all his political initiatives, the periods spent in the communist prisons, medals awarded, among which one offered by the President of France in the ‘90s, the “Legion of Honour”, but also data about the death of this great politician.

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