Satu Mare

The City Museum installed in the Karolyi family Castle

Karolyi Castle
Satu Mare


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In the centre of Carei city of Satu Mare County there is a piece of our history, hidden among trees in a beautiful setting. It is the Karolyi Castle, which houses a museum of archaeology and history, all surrounded by a secular park – an atmosphere that helps you go back in time.


The present Castle was originally just a noble house built in the XV century by Károlyi László. Only in the following centuries has gotten the castle air, as the building was extended and fortified with thick walls and bastions of defence, so that it became an important objective on the western border of Transylvania.


Destroyed by an earthquake, the building was renovated in the 1890’s in Gothic style, gaining this appearance of western princely palace. From architectural point of view, it looks more like the famous Renaissance castles of the Loire Valley in France.


The castle was restored in the recent years with money from the European funds, regaining the classic air of princely residence. The rehabilitation is not complete yet, but when it is ready, the Károlyi castle will become a tourist attraction of European importance.


Presently, the castle is an urban museum, with permanent exhibits, where symphonic music, but also hall music concerts are organized, on these occasions you can feel exactly the old atmosphere.


The ground floor of the castle is divided into four exhibition halls with different themes, trying to transpose in front of the visitor’s eyes the past of Carei city. Here we can find archaeological remains unearthed in the area of Satu Mare, and evidences of the town evolution. There are exposed photographs, tools, icons, weapons, art objects, which convey a glimpse of city history.


On the first floor of the castle, there is an exhibition called “The Old-Time Castle – Historic interior designs from the modern period”, which stretches on ten rooms. Here specialists in museography have tried to reconstruct the historical interiors – from furniture to toilet requisites.


Among other things, the house mistress’s bedroom was recreated, the men’s sitting room, the toilet room and the music room, but also the dance lounge.


The park surrounding the castle is also impressive, dating since 1700. You can walk along the palace, on the little paths under the crowns of the secular trees, amongst the rare plants brought in the garden hundreds of years ago, quietly enjoying this magical landscape.

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