The Museum of Bocsa

The Museum of Bocsa


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Bocsa village is quite close to Zalau, at only 18 kilometres, housing the Museum that celebrates Simion Barnutiu, a very important figure for Transylvanian Revolution that took place between 1948 and 1949.


He was one of those who supported this movement very much, being a true hero of the oppressed Romanians and a philosopher of the time.


The museum was founded in 1985, being located right in the centre of the town, in an old building raised in the period between the two world wars, full of historical significance.


The Cultural Centre has three main exhibition halls, a library expanding on two rooms, with very old and valuable books, a conference room for personalities and important events that take place in Bocsa and another room meant for physical activities.


The exhibition itself is quite complex. Part of it presents the Romanian traditional costumes worn in that area, but also items that the Romanians used in the household, at soil farming and nicely engraved chests in which various goods were deposited, furniture or items necessary in the kitchen.


Another room is designed as a place to reflect the Bocsa common history, showing its evolution from the ancient times, from the Neolithic period until nowadays.


The last room of the museum is entirely dedicated to the personality Simon Barnutiu, born in Bocsa. This room is full of panels, documents and images explaining the entire activity of the teacher, great thinker, philosopher and leader of one of the largest movements in the history of Romania.


The admission is free of charge, and large groups can get a guide if they address to the cultural centre.


If you are already in Bocsa, you can also collect your thoughts at Simion Barnutiu crypt, located in the church of the village. In the same town there is also the monument dedicated to the revolutionist from 1848, which was unveiled in 1889.


In order to get to this beautiful place, you should not get very far from Zalau, but to start a ride by car or by public transport on the European road 81.

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