The Museum of Zalau

The Museum of Zalau


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The Museum of History and Art of Zalau stands testimony for the tumultuous evolution of the north-western region of our country. Those who want to admire the remains of various cultures that have succeeded in Transylvania from antiquity up to the present cannot miss this museum.


The building which houses the collections of history, archaeology and art is on Unirii Street, at number 9, in Zalau downtown.


The institution, founded 60 years ago, possesses very rich and varied collections, with over 90,000 exhibits, divided into several major sections: the Ancient History and Archaeology, the Medieval Age and the Modern Age, the Ethnography and the Art Gallery, named after Ioan Sima, a painter born in Pericei Commune, Salaj County.


The Department of Ancient History at the Museum of Zalau is proud by those over 20,000 objects forming the archaeology collection. For example, you can admire thousands of years old cave paintings, but also evidences of Gaeto-Dacian and Roman civilizations, such as coins, statues, tools and weapons of those times.


In the same part of the museum is also exhibited pottery from the Bronze Age, pieces of the Roman camp from Porolissum – Moigrad, as well as the thesaurus from Guruslau.


At the ethnography section you will find an attempt by the specialists in museography to recreate the atmosphere in a typical home from the area. You can admire the ceramics made ​​by peasants, original models of traditional costumes worn in the Salaj area, ornamental folk items, as well as icons on wood and old fabrics by skilled housewives in this area of the country.


The peasant interior also includes a dowry chest, an oven, a weaving loom, a baby swing, all designed to give a feeling of authenticity to this corner of the museum. The Museum of Zalau also includes a section of art, opened at the artist Ioan Sima’s initiative, who donated more than 200 creations of his own to the museum in the communist era, representing the nucleus based on which the present collection of art was formed.


Presently Sima Gallery exhibits permanently the most valuable paintings and graphics of the artist. Subsequently, there were also brought other works belonging to Corneliu Baba, Petre Abrudan or Paul Sima. In the museum there is also a library containing about 10,000 volumes of books. Since 1977 the Museum annual, Acta Musei Porolissensis, has been issued regularly.


The Museum of History and Art of Zalau is waiting for you from Tuesday to Sunday between 8 am and 16 pm, Monday closed.

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